How to Choose a Dentist Waco

Maybe you are new to Central Texas or perhaps you are unhappy with your current dentist.  How do you pick a new dentist?  We hope the STONEWOOD acronym will help you gather all the information you need to make the best decision on selecting a new dentist:

S — Suggestions.  Suggestions from neighbors, friends, colleagues, family, Facebook and/or your previous dentist are a great start, but don’t forget to ask them to shore up the referral with specific reasons why that dentist is so great! Read online reviews too.

T — Training.  Not only do you want the staff to have strong training and education in dentistry, also ask about the staff’s continuing education and if/how the staff stays up-to-date on new developments within the dental industry.

O — One-Stop-Shop.  A dental practice that handles a variety of dental needs is better (and more affordable) than having to see specialists for certain procedures.  Common procedures include full-mouth X-rays, oral exams and cleanings, and filling a cavity. Not-so-common treatments include root canals, extractions, implants and TMJ.

N — Network of Dentists.  If you have dental insurance, make sure the dentist you are considering is included in your benefits network of dentists.

E — Emergencies.  How does the dental practice handle dental emergencies at night and on weekends?  What is the policy if the patient has a non-dental emergency and misses an appointment?

W — Wage. Is information provided about all fees and co-payments before treatment is scheduled? What are estimated costs on common procedures (X-rays, exam/cleaning, sealants, and filling a cavity)?

O — Observe.  You will want to visit the dental practice.  While there, look to see if the facility is clean, welcoming, comfortable and tidy.  Do the dentists and dental staff wear gloves and protective gear during actual treatments? Are surfaces clean and equipment spotless?

O — Ouch.  What are the options to help manage pain during a procedure?  Does the office offer IV Sedation for more complicated procedures?

D — Distance.  How close is the dentist to your home or office?  What travel time suits you best?

If you are looking to choose a dentist near Waco, Robinson, and Hewitt, contact Stonewood Dental at 254/662-3306 so we can answer all the questions above, and hopefully, you will choose us as your new dental home!

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