Waco Teeth Whitening Options

A Brighter & Whiter Smile

Thanks to teeth whitening, you can say goodbye to discoloration caused by coffee, tea, tobacco, tetracycline, aging and other sources.

Stonewood Dental, serving the Greater Central Texas Area, including Waco, Robinson, Hewitt, McGregor, and Bellmead offers three teeth whitening methods — all proven safe for the microhardness and surface texture of your tooth’s enamel. Two methods are conducted in our office. The third is an in-home system. Professionally applied by our hygienists, ZOOM!® light-activated teeth whitening gel delivers an average shade change of 8 steps whiter and renders long-term results. Similarly, Colgate Visible White Chairside Procedure brings dramatic transformation and offers “white without the light”.

For both Waco teeth whitening procedures, we send you home with custom teeth whitening trays and a touch-up bleaching product you might want to use once a month. Less expensive is our Nite White® in-home bleaching system using clear custom fitted trays worn overnight holding mint or cherry flavored gel. Or a concentrated bleach may be worn during the day for only one hour. In just 7 to 10 days, you can achieve significant teeth whitening results. Register here to win this month’s FREE in-home whitening system.

Teeth Whitening Offers Benefits

  • HIGHER SELF-ESTEEM: You will be more confident and feel better prepared for job interviews and public speaking engagements after your teeth whitening procedure.
  • MAKING THAT GOOD FIRST IMPRESSION: Fresh breath and teeth whitening will give you an edge when going on that first date, meeting someone new and feeling confident in a business meeting/setting.
  • LOOKING GREAT: People with white teeth and bright smiles are perceived as being healthy, trustworthy, financially successful and professional.

Stonewood Dental offers results that make you look great and feel better.

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