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Meet Stonewood Dental patients Sandy, Walter, Rene and Tanya. Four patients that have maintaining their good dental health by visiting us every six months for a combined 115 years. They can attest to regular cleanings being the key to their success in lowering the risk of cavities, extractions, root canals and gum disease.

Just as importantly, they have developed friendships and bonds with our staff that have lasted decades. Time our dental staff has spent getting to know their dental habits, any issues they may have with their teeth and recommending the best course of action to address those issues.

Like Family

Yes. Good dental health is very important but it is not the only topic of discussion. “How are your kids?”, “Did you watch the Lady Bears win?” or “I cannot believe he is in college already!” are just a few of the phrases that can be overheard throughout the halls of Stonewood Dental. Through good times and bad for both our patients and dental staff they have gotten to know each other. They have laughed and they have cried together. Shared hugs and life’s frustrations with each other. What affects one may very well affect the other. It is almost like or exactly like “a family.”

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Treated Like Family

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A Stonewood Patient for 37 Years!

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