When should your kid start seeing the dentist?

How early should your little one have their first dental exam? According to Delta Dental, most children see a dentist for the first time at two and a half years. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry suggests going to the dentist before their first birthday.

Keep those baby teeth strong!

It’s important that a child’s baby teeth stay in place and health until they’re ready to fall out naturally. Baby teeth are important because:

  • They help in speech development.
  • The help kids chew properly so they can eat nutritious foods.
  • They save space for permanent teeth.
  • Kids with healthy teeth feel more confident.

Calm those first visit jitters!

Is your kid nervous about their first visit? Here are some tips to make their first experience a good one:

  • Show them how it’s done: Bring your child the next time you go in for a checkup. Let them see what they can expect
  • Do some research: Read books that teach kids what to expect. Seek out games and activities that paint a trip to the dentist in a positive light.
  • Try role-playing: Let your kid pretend to the be the dentist and give YOU an exam… and vice versa. Check out each other’s teeth next time you’re getting ready for bed. Get them comfortable with the idea of someone checking out their teeth.
  • Don’t rush your visit: Schedule your appointment so you don’t have to rush. If your child feels rushed they’re more likely to have a bad experience.

At Stonewood, we understand your child’s first visit can be a stressful experience. Let us help make it a breeze!  Call our office to book an appointment today.

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